College incivility, in all its forms –  harassment, discrimination, hazing, sexual assault and cyber-bullying—is an epidemic that affects every campus around the country. As the nation’s leading institutions, you are in the spotlight—especially when incidents  like these occur on your campus.

Never before has it been so essential to create safe and cohesive colleges. The media is quick to highlight incidents of abuse in higher education, putting you at risk of litigation and lawsuits that can cost millions and cripple your college.

Without guidance, preventing incivility can seem daunting. My team and I are dedicated to providing resources that are proven to work.  You can find resources that are tailored to:

  • Provide Sexual Assault Prevention training for students and staff  here.
  • Prevent incivility on campuses in dorms, and in the classrooms here.

It is our responsibility to create safe and engaged campuses. When we unite against incivility everyone wins. Allow the resources and expertise offered on this site to serve your college’s student body, faculty and student organizations.

Highest Regards,


Traciana Graves