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What You Can Expect from Working with Traciana

Traciana understands the challenge of finding an impactful speaker who is able to seamlessly engage and entertain participants while educating them on critical information.

In her role as a nationally recognized speaker and trainer who has worked with hundreds of audiences of all sizes, she also understands that the success of any effective presentation is directly linked to the skill of the speaker.

Traciana has created this section to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on allowing her to serve you and your campus.

Here is what Traciana offers when she works with clients:

In addition to providing your audience with one of the most interactive, engaging, and effective presentations covering your requested learning outcomes, here is what Traciana  is committed to providing you and your students:

    • Immediate and thorough responses to all of your phone and e-mail communications
    • Two phone consultations to identify the needs, audience, and expectations of your event
    • Support in promoting your event
    • Follow-up communication to confirm that Traciana met your expectations
    • A complementary follow-up analysis consultation to identify how Traciana might offer additional support and training for your goals

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Creating Civility, Inclusion & Student Engagement

TRACIANA GRAVES’ unique, engaging, and highly interactive “Civility in Action!” programs leverage song, experiential education and research-based strategies customized to meet the needs of each participating campus. Program participants are empowered to create a SUSTAINED community of civility, inclusion and student engagement. Students will be able to:

1-  Articulate the five action steps they can take individually and collectively to create a strong community of civility and inclusion on their campus.

2- List seven reasons and ways to appreciate and celebrate various cultures.

3- Articulate five things they can do to develop their unique voice to make positive choices to take a stand for themselves and others.

4- Communicate five ways to prevent the various forms of bullying, including harassment, sexual assault, hazing, cyber bullying, and violence.

5- List five ways to celebrate cultural, gender, socioeconomic, and other demographic diversity.

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